Cochlear Implant (CI) CHARGE Power Bank

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Hi! This is Ash, founder of D+I Gear. My daughter received a cochlear implant (CI) when she was two years old. As a human factors engineer and mom to a kiddo with hearing impairment, I have become inspired by CI technology. I also enjoy the many layers of meaning that arise when we pair CIs with the term CHARGE.

CHARGE stands for CHARGE Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can cause multiple disabilities, including hearing impairment. CHARGE represents the courage and tenacity of people with CHARGE and within the deaf community, regardless of whether or not they elected to receive a CI. Lastly, CHARGE illustrates the proliferation of electronic devices that require...yup...charging on a regular basis...including CIs :)

I worked with graphic designer, Cassandra Velasquez, to develop this fab piece of art that celebrates CIs and all the ways that CHARGE relates. With these sleek and stylish power banks, stay fully charged on the go and while celebrating CIs, Deaf Culture, and CHARGE Syndrome. These power banks are small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to add hours of juice to your mobile device. The 4000mAh power cell can fully charge any iPhone or Android phone and then some - including your rechargeable CI batteries!

As always, 10% of our profits are donated to non-profits supporting various dimensions of diversity and inclusion.

Additional info re: these fab power banks:

• Available in 7 Colors
• Laser Etched Design
• Size: 2.625”x4.375”
• High Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cell
• 4000mAh
• LED Power Meter
• Aluminum-Alloy Body

• Includes Dual Charging Cable (Apple & Android)